Episode 88: 7 Steps to Making a Great Customer (or Prospect) Feedback Survey

Getting feedback from your customers and leads are critical to improving your business.  But everybody is busy these days, so no one has time for your long boring survey asking a million questions.  You have to be strategic, and use the latest survey technology and techniques, and then have a plan for how you want to use the information you lean.

In this episode, I go over 7 steps for making a survey that can deliver and also discuss some technology options to help you implement them.

Topics Discussed (Time Stamped)

01:07 Survey creation process
02:09 Onboarding process
03:03 Seven points covered
03:21 KISS (Keep it short and simple)
03:57 Getting down to the bare essentials
05:05 Keeping the survey simple
06:31 Doing softball questions
08:25 Don’t assume that the respondent does what you want to do
09:51 Asking very constructive open-ended questions
09:58 Showing a progress bar on the survey
10:17 Giving an estimated time
11:20 One question per page/screen
13:34 Giving some side feedback
16:59 Giving encouragement
18:06 Knowing the lifetime value of customers
18:53 Sending at the right time
22:45 If the customer likes you, go for the upsell
23:08 Do some actions within the survey

Quotes Worth Sharing

Think about the objective and try to get from them Click To Tweet Some of the happiest customers start as unhappy customers Click To Tweet

Resources Mentioned


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