Episode 86: What is Artificial Intelligence and How It Is Going to Affect Your Business

Artificial Intelligence is something we see a lot in sci-fi movies about the benefits and most of the time, the dangers, of the future when AI becomes a reality, takes over, and kills all humans.  Well, the truth is,  artificial intelligence is not just something in the future, but it’s the present and it’s already a real impact to our businesses and the future of entrepreneurs (hopefully not the robot killing part).

In this episode, I cover the history and the basics of what artificial intelligence actually means and discuss some of the impacts to various industries now and in the future, and what we might be able to do to prepare.

Topics Discussed (Time Stamped)

03:20 What artificial intelligence is
03:55 Classic definition of artificial intelligence
05:38 Technological singularity
08:00 Hearing the concept of transferring human consciousness into a computer brain
08:43 The roles of big tech companies
09:21 Automatic machine learning
10:14 Google’s AI Built Another AI That Outperforms Man-Made Models – NASNet
11:57 Machine learning
12:35 Deep learning
13:28 Artificial neural networks
17:15 So much data being collected
18: How it will impact your business
26:30 What the future shows
29:21 What jobs might be safe
32:50 Robot tax
35:20 Concept of bias

Quotes Worth Sharing

History shows that what we put into sci-fi tends to become the future of science Click To Tweet What is AI? Well, AI is real Click To Tweet

Resources Mentioned


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