Episode 85: My 4 Factor Task Prioritization System (So You Can Get Things Done, Faster and Better)

Sometimes things can be a little overwhelming as an entrepreneur.  Things that you have to get done come at you fast and furiously.  And sometimes you just get in a rut and don’t want to do anything,  especially when there are a lot of more fun things you could be doing, such as summer vacations.

In either case, you need to prioritize what is important and get done what matters, ideally quickly and accurately.  In this episode,  I go over my 4 steps to help plan what needs to get done each day and week,  which allows me to keep my sanity and be more productive so that I can have some downtime when needed.

Topics Discussed (Time Stamped)

02:34 Writing all the things that are cycling in your mind
03:52 Getting stuff done
05:59 Stephen Covey’s Quadrant

Q1: Important & urgent
Q2: Important but not urgent
Q3: Not important but urgent
Q4: Not important and not urgent

07:09 Documenting your tasks
07:26 Having a weekly goal
08:55 Pareto Principle or the 80/20 rule
10:15 Task Prioritization System
10:32 1st factor: Customer impact
11:27 2nd factor: Value of the task
14:30 3rd factor: Effort
15:18 4th factor: Confidence level
18:40 Tools

Quotes Worth Sharing

When you're in a rut or you're overwhelmed, the best cure that I've been able to find for that is the cure called getting stuff done Click To Tweet Focus on things that move the needle Click To Tweet

Resources Mentioned


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