Episode 81: Why Your Business Should Be Leveraging e-Signature Software (And How To Get Started)

Almost every department in your business is obtaining signatures at some point or another.  Sales,  HR, Operations, all require either internal staff, partners, or customers to sign agreements.  Optimizing that document delivery and signature process is one of the best ways to leverage technology to do things faster and be more productive.

Some businesses are still thinking it’s too expensive or not safe to work with digital signatures, and if that is you,  this podcast is for you.  In this episode, I go over the background of e-signature, where you can adopt it in your business, and some of the vendors to check out and their price.

Topics Discussed (Time Stamped)

02:38 One of the most useful ways to streamline a business process in an organization
02:48 Reason behind the chosen topic
03:25 How the signature process was done before
04:18 The company that innovated more in this field
06:13 Things you can do in your business streamline when you use E-Signature
09:00 Advantages of using E-Signature
09:37 How to start using the E-Signature platform
14:04 Choosing the right E-Signature software or vendor
16:04 Countries that have a legally bound E-Signature
16:34 Things to look for in a service provider
18:15 Options in terms of software provider
20:11 Freelance platforms that came up with an E-Signature service
21:18 Options for WordPress platforms

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Resources Mentioned


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