Episode 69: How to Be An Early Technology Adopter (My 6 Step Process)

Part of being a Tech Smart Boss is always trying and learning about new, early stage technology.  But you can’t just jump into new technology and expect to use it right away.  It’s called early stage technology for a reason.  In this episode, I give you my 6 step process for finding, evaluating, and eventually adopting early stage technology that helps grow my business (on a budget).

Topics Discussed (Time Stamped)

02:09 Being an early adopter specifically for lifetime deals
05:00 Be strategic and maximize your investments
11:41 Advantages of being an early adopter
13:10 Communicating with your developer with value
23:15 Not changing one product to another if you are an early adopter
24:40 Documenting the process
25:50 If it’s not working for you, you have to let it go

Quotes Worth Sharing

If you want your team to use a piece of technology, you've got to give them explicit instructions Click To Tweet One of the biggest benefits I see of switching software in your business is you can get rid of old habits and establish new habits Click To Tweet


Resources Mentioned



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