Episode 68: Do You Have What It Takes To Be An Entrepreneur (Or Should You Keep Your Day Job)

There seems to be an explosion of entrepreneurship taking place these days.  And in general, that is a great thing.  But in this episode,  I’m going to toss away pleasantries and political correctness and hand out some real talk.  Not everybody is built to be an entrepreneur.  I’m going to give you my thoughts on if you have what it takes or not,  or if you should just stick to your day job.  Caution: Don’t listen to this episode if you are easily offended.

Topics Discussed (Time Stamped)

02:23 On being an entrepreneur
03:08 Behind-the-scenes story of people in social media
07:04 A freelance economy
08:26 Qualities every entrepreneur should possess
09:35 The common philosophy of entrepreneurs
09:44 Entrepreneurs who are driven by necessity
10:12 The statistics on business failures
10:24 The reasons businesses fail
13:29 Not everybody can be an entrepreneur
15:25 Being in a position to fail financially
16:32 Are you really good at what you do?
21:40 Do you make a lot of excuses?
22:35 Why people can’t start their own company
24:37 Excuses people have when raising money
27:03 Why people think being an entrepreneur is easy
31:11 David and Goliath mentality
35:53 What is your motivation?
37:27 The whole risk versus reward scenario
39:40 Short-term versus long-term perspective
42:36 Independence

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