Episode 65: How To Monitor Your Competition (The Tech Smart Boss Way)

I’ve mentioned in previous podcast episodes that I don’t believe in paying too much to competition.  Too often as entrepreneurs, we give our competition way too much credit and waste a lot of time trying to either stay ahead of them or worry about what they are doing.  But that doesn’t mean I completely ignore them either.  I like to put a side eye on them and in this episode, I go over what types of information I try to learn from my competition and the technology that I use to do it.

Topics Discussed (Time Stamped)

02:28 Today’s episode talks about How to monitor your competition
03:58 Being discovered through organic search engine optimize traffic
05:00 Be worried on the new competitors than the bigger competitions
05:47 Similar sized competition
06:00 Keeping a side eye on your competition
07:15 What is the ultimate goal
07:41 Direct competitors
09:00 Indirect competitors
11:00 The status quo
11:41 What you can learn from these competitors
12:39 Ways in learning who they target
13:35 Helpful technology
15:15 Sign up to your competitor’ marketing email
17:05 Understand the features of what they have
17:41 Do pros and cons to compare yourself against your competitors
19:53 Learning features from new competitors
20:39 Social listening
25:15 Follow them in social media

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