Episode 64: How to Leverage Video Marketing in Your Business (The Tech Smart Boss Way)

In the last episode, I discussed how to set up your YouTube channel for your business and brand, but I didn’t get into what types of videos you can post.  Video marketing goes far beyond just YouTube and in this episode, I go through the different types of videos you can use in your business and some of the technology that can help you get there on a budget.

Topics Discussed (Time Stamped)

01:46 Continuation of last week’s episode on setting up a Youtube Channel
02:12 The value of Video Marketing
03:45 Voice search
05:08 Types of videos you can do
07:03 Easy way to make a video today: Screen recording
10:04 Getting recorded replays for webinars
11:05 On-camera videos
12:37 Lighting is critical
13:28 What you can do when you’re on-camera
16:07 Smaller types of segments like Facebook Live
17:08 Sending short sales intro videos
18:54 Listicles
22:30 Animation-style video/ Explainer Video

Quotes Worth Sharing

You have to have a little bit of creativity to be able to make your text concise in a video Click To Tweet Great thing about video is you can put multiple mediums at once Click To Tweet


Resources Mentioned



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