Episode 55: My 6 Step Process for Planning For the New Year (As A Lean and Bootstrapped Business)

As a small business one thing that commonly gets left out is planning.  We’re too busy running from one fire to another, or simply getting things done to try to plan events.  It’s true that you have to be flexible as a bootstrapped or lean operations run company, but you can’t be so reactive that you never take the time to have a plan.  In this episode, I go over the 6 steps I use and this is specifically to help you prepare for 2018 but you’ll see this is a process that you’ll repeat often to make sure you have a focus, a path, and a plan.

Topics Discussed (Time Stamped)

02:02 This episode is all about the process of planning
04:26 Don’t spend too much time planning
05:29 Lay out a vision for the other quarters of the year
06:17 We have a cognitive bias to underestimate how much time it takes to complete something
06:31 We also have the tendency to underestimate a task
07:05 Start your planning with the things that are going to move the needle for your business
08:01 What’s going to save you money?
08:49 Focus on doing things that can be accomplished in 90 days
10:50 Step 1: Get your cash flow projections up-to-date
14:39 Step 2: Break your plans down by business area
19:14 Get the big picture and weave it all together. Come up with a wish list.
21:26 Team Planning
21:48 Step 3: Take the vision you created and put it into some technology
22:50 Project planning
23:10 Break the big theme down into individual task assignments and requirements
25:35 Step 4: Link goals to performance management
30:14 Focus on your leading indicators
30:41 Find your North Star metric
32:45 Step 5: Communicate the plan to your staff
36:12 Step 6: Feedback System
38:39 As you build your plan, plan for more plan

Quotes Worth Sharing

The bigger you are (as a company), the more time it will take you to plan. Click To Tweet Planning, in many cases, is an excuse for not actually getting stuff done. Click To Tweet Check your pocket before you make any plans. Click To Tweet

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