Episode 52: What I’ve Learned After One Year Of Tech Smart Boss (And How I’m Applying It To My Business)

Episode 52 represents one year of Tech Smart Boss.  My motivation for starting Tech Smart Boss was a combination of passion and for experimenting and learning new techniques that I can apply to my primary focus, my business intelligence software, Yurbi.  In this episode, I take a look back at all the things I’ve done the past year, what I’ve learned from it, and how I plan to apply it to Yurbi (or ways that I already have).  Hopefully, it will generate some takeaways for your business as well.

Topics Discussed (Time Stamped)

02:57 Two reasons why I started TechSmartBoss
05:34 Lessons I learned and how I’m applying them or planning to apply them in the business
06:23 Being consistent
07:35 Setting low expectations
10:10 Doing it as a passion
12:00 Things I’ve done, its reason and application
12:09 Podcasting
16:42 Marketing related to social media
20:23 Ads
22:48 Video
26:03 Messaging
29:50 Content Marketing
32:53 Course building
35:40 What I would do differently
35:54 Hire a Virtual Assistant
37:47 Live content
41:00 Writing a book

Quotes Worth Sharing

When you automate something, you don’t want them to be a robot. You want to keep the human touch. Click To Tweet Social media is not going to move the needle for most small businesses. Click To Tweet

Resources Mentioned


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