Episode 5: Top Apps for the Traveling Tech Smart Boss

I’ve been doing a lot of travel recently so in this episode I go over my favorite apps that keep you connected to your office and make traveling a little more enjoyable.

Topics Discussed (Time Stamped)

2:53 Tweet about anything cool with technology with hashtag #TechSmartBoss
4:00 Update on my last trip to Vegas
5:41 Side takeaway from the trip
7:28 Apps for the traveling entrepreneur
8:53 Basic communication
11:04 Slack on a mobile
12:06 Using Prosper Daily App
13:55 Other Apps that help you stay on the loop
14:18 Customer service using HelpScout
15:33 Buffer App for social media
16:23 Using UberConference
19:07 Couple things that you can do during downtime
21:55 Other Apps that business traveler should really take advantage of
23:58 Some media apps that you can use
26:26 Takeaways from this episode
27:58 The key app out of the list

Quotes Worth Sharing

Whenever you can help other people in their business, you got a really good business model Click To Tweet
When you’re traveling, you got to stay tied in to your company Click To Tweet
If you have your tech stack right and have the right tools, you can run your business anywhere Click To Tweet

Resources Mentioned


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