Episode 49: 9 Key Features You Need in Live Website Chat Software (And How To Best Benefit From It)

These days chat tools are a dime a dozen. But surprisingly a lot of businesses still don’t support chat on their website.  In this episode, I give you a lot of chat tools to consider and the 5 must haves and 4 nice to haves to help with your selection.  But more importantly, I discuss how having a customer-focused business means you must have chat on your website, but it doesn’t mean you have to have a team of live agents 24/7 to handle incoming requests.  Learn how website chat can benefit your business and more.

Topics Discussed (Time Stamped)

02:34 Todays episode talks about Live Chat on your website
03:33 Features of Live Chat
04:39 Products that are doing chat
08:05 Some criteria how pricing is determined
11:27 Some segments of chat providers
13:35 Chat used as sales and support purposes
15:37 Stand-alone chat
16:20 Chat as a part of a portfolio of other system
18:34 CRM integrated chat
20:55 Tools that are trying to get into some marketing automation
21:54 What is a Chatbot
27:44 What happens if they fail
28:32 Ability to go capture email and go offline mode
30:48 How does the chat know if you’re on or off – Business hours
31:47 What channel of delivery the message is going on
34:05 Being able to target behavior on your website and pop up messages to users
40:18 4 Things that are nice to have
40:31 Chat’s ability to integrate identity
42:19 The concept of live view and proactive chat
45:16 Integrate with your support documentation
46:47 Full blown chatbot

Quotes Worth Sharing

The key is not if you have or not, it’s how much its worth to you Click To Tweet Take your time to evaluate what you need and how much is worth for you Click To Tweet

Resources Mentioned


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  1. Mario Raul says:

    For both CRM and Live Chat i use a software called Rocketbots which is also pretty good as the ones mentioned and has a free plan with unlimited agents https://rocketbots.io/features/

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