Episode 44: Top 3 Ways You Can Implement SSL On Your Website (And Keep Your Brand Safe From Google Penalties)

Starting Oct 2017, Google is going to start warning website visitors when websites are not secure. If you don’t have your website protected by SSL, you will start to lose conversion, brand credibility, and traffic. In this episode, I cover the 3 top ways to set up SSL on your website and the pros and cons of each.  Two methods are free, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t do it today.

Topics Discussed (Time Stamped)

02:13 Todays episode talks about SSL Certificates
02:22 Google warnings on unsecured websites
03:40 How do you know if the site is secured?
05:06 How Google non-secure site warning can affect your brand?
07:24 Benefits of having https
11:07 The 3 main methods to securing your site
11:24 Traditional method
16:14 Benefit of the traditional method
18:10 Let’s Encrypt – a non-profit service giving out free certificates
18:51 How to get free SSL certificates from Let’s Encrypt
24:25 Pros and cons of Let’s Encrypt
28:22 Cloudflare – free https implementation
30:14 Cons of using Cloudflare

Quotes Worth Sharing

If somebody goes to your site and google warns them that it’s a nonsecure site, your brand at that point is out the door. Click To Tweet

Resources Mentioned


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