Episode 41: How To Buy Software For Your Business (The Tech Smart Boss Way)

Most businesses stay in old, outdated business software way too long.  It gets comfortable, it gets too hard to replace, and in many cases, you just don’t spend the time to research what may work better for your business. In this episode, I go into detail on how to evaluation, research, and buy business software and it doesn’t include going on your social networks and asking others “What’s the best X?”

Topics Discussed (Time Stamped)

00:42 Today’s episode talks about how to buy software
04:22 How to buy new software
05:15 Process of checking out software
05:23 Techsmartboss criteria
06:26 Tips on what NOT to do
11:33 Straight talk reviews
16:12 Key features that you can’t lose
19:05 Understanding the total cost
22:56 Make sure that you get great customer support
25:42 Don’t put more importance on features than you need to
32:40 Understand their roadmap
33:57 Understand the price model and the cost
37:38 Do a trial
41:18 Build a schedule

Quotes Worth Sharing

You really don’t know how bad your software is until you get a new pair and see how it feels. Click To Tweet You tend to have a bias towards what you know and what you like. Click To Tweet What works well for another company is not necessarily the best for you. Click To Tweet

Resources Mentioned


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