Episode 35: 10 Key Things You Need On Your Website to Generate Leads

Why do you have a website? We say it’s to build credibility, communicate value to your visitors and customers, and to convert visitors into leads. In this episode, we discuss the 10 key elements you need on your website to meet those 3 goals and to develop a lead generating website for your business. Be sure to check part 2 of this topic in Episode 36 where we talk about the tech stack you need to implement a lead generating website.

Topics Discussed (Time Stamped)

01:17 Today’s episode talks about the key things that you’ve got to have on your website
02:47 Purpose of your website
04:51 To build credibility
06:27 To deliver customer excellence
09:57 Key elements for your website
10:35 Your website should be persona-based
11:35 Put things in terms of your audience
16:17 Should be easy to navigate
18:53 Content marketing
21:11 Have an About Section
22:43 Have a Product and Services Section
24:50 Have Lead Magnets
30:00 Have a Hub and Spoke concept
33:58 Have Landing Page
36:10 Social Media links
38:46 Video marketing
41:49 Have great website design


Quotes Worth Sharing

If people can't trust from your website, they’ll not going to share their details with you Click To Tweet If your focus is on customer service, your goal is to deliver value in every interaction you have with your customer Click To Tweet

Resources Mentioned


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