Episode 34: 11 Tips to Deliver an Exceptional Demo of Your Product or Service (The Tech Smart Boss Way)

Nothing kills a good opportunity faster than a horrible, boring demo of your business products or services.  In this episode, I give you my 11 best tips on how to deliver an exceptional experience for your customers so that your products and services can shine.  This episode is more about people and process than technology.

Topics Discussed (Time Stamped)

00:08 Today’s episode talks about 11 best tips on how to deliver an amazing demonstration of your product or service
05:59 Approach with a spirit of education and information
07:35 The key ingredient for the right person for your demo
14:45 Record a demo
16:50 Foundational basics of doing a demo
18:16 The demo itself
21:23 Start the demo at the end
23:11 Don’t make the demo just about you
25:14 Your demo can’t be cookie cutter
27:52 You got to practice
30:55 You got to be responsive to customer’s questions
37:13 Always ask for next steps and feedback


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Quotes Worth Sharing

Understand what’s important to the customer. Understand the environment.Listen to them. Read between the lines and get to what the real issue might be. Click To Tweet

Resources Mentioned


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