Episode 33: 5 Essential Features You Must Have In Your Small Business CRM

My philosophy is that even if you are a soloprenuer, you need to use a CRM.  And as you grow, and develop a sales team,  the CRM should act like a hub for your entire organization, with spokes into your marketing, accounting, and operations teams.  In this episode, I cover the 5 key essential features you need to look for in a CRM application so it can become this hub and we’ll list a lot of affordable options to take a look at.

Topics Discussed (Time Stamped)

0;39 Today’s episode talks about CRM – Customer Relationship Manager Software
02:57 Customer Relationship Manager Software
04:13 Understanding how essential CRM is to your business and the growth of your business
04:44 CRM is not only a sales tool
05:08 CRM should be a centralized place for all your customer’s data
06:03 CRM as a subset of of ERP
08:40 Sales team as main user of CRM
09:35 Benefits and key things you need to look for in your CRM
09:41 Capture all your contacts and communications
14:20 Consolidate your accounts
16:11 Capture all the opportunities
21:36 Track your tasks
24;38 Good reporting
25:55 CRM fails in Life cycle times
29:39 Hubspot CRM

Quotes Worth Sharing

Even if you are a solopreneur, you should get in the habit of using the CRM Click To Tweet When you are selling to a larger business, you are not just talking to one person you are selling to multiple people within that organization Click To Tweet

Resources Mentioned


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