Episode 3: The Back-Story (How Tech Smart Boss Came to Be)

So who is David Ferguson and what is Tech Smart Boss all about? I tell my story and share some business insights in this episode.

Topics Discussed (Time Stamped)

1:22 How this Tech Smart Boss concept came to be
1:39 Who is David Ferguson?
2:45 The Engineering Leadership Development Program (ELDP)
4:33 David’s early professional career working in companies
5:15 Being an advocate to the customers
5:45 Starting something at young age
7:10 Seeing opportunities to provide better and more efficient services
8:00 Pivoting despite what happened to the economy
10:10 Casting a bigger shadow
11:10 Crossing the threshold
11:49 My new company called 5000fish
13:00 A revolution on subscription service
15:50 Technology wasn’t that affordable back then
17:01 Overspending technology
18:20 Being an early adopter
19:10 You’ve got the ability to do amazing things in your business
20:45 Think of things that you can do to improve your business
21:30 Other things I do than work

Quotes Worth Sharing

My philosophy has always been to cast a bigger shadow Click To Tweet
Large businesses don’t really care if you’re big or small. They care that you are credible Click To Tweet

Resources Mentioned


Thanks for listening and checking out the show notes,  any feedback, comments, or questions, send me a email at david@techsmartboss.com

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