Episode 29: How To Set Up An Indirect Sales Channel For Your Business

Channel partnerships are changing these days. The models that worked in the past for large businesses are failing and smaller, more agile companies have the opportunity to grow their business by coming out with more innovative programs for channel partners. In this episode, we cover if an indirect sales model is right for your business and how to structure a channel partnership program that works.

Topics Discussed (Time Stamped)

02:11 Today’s episode talks about setting up partnership in your company specifically Indirect sales channel
02:25 The cool tech of the week: Dashlane
06:13 Channels
07:57 How to know if you need a channel strategy
12:15 Indirect Channel Strategy
14:43 Evaluate if you are right for channel partnership
16:00 Is your product/service an add-on or a standalone offering?
17:53 Location
20:13 Vertical market
23:25 When the product/service that you are selling is bought by someone in the company other than your expertise
35:28 Successes and Failures
36: 5 key things you got to do from working with partners

Quotes Worth Sharing

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Resources Mentioned


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