Episode 25: Recap Show! (A Podcast Table of Contents for the First 24 Episodes)

Hard to believe this is the 25th episode of the Tech Smart Boss podcast. In this episode, I do a recap of the past episodes by category, so if you’re new to the show or if you missed a few, you can follow the proper sequence to hear me talk about Finance, Social Media, Customer Service, Marketing, and more. Plus we go into some of the stats and what’s coming up on the next 25 episodes!

Topics Discussed (Time Stamped)

00:08 Review of all 24 episodes
05:41 Episode 3: The Back-Story (How Tech Smart Boss Came to Be)
07:38 Episode 11: What it Means and What it Takes to be a Tech Smart Boss
Social media
09:59 Episode 9: How to Setup A Social Media Strategy For Your Business
10:37 Episode 15: 7 Ways You Can Use Twitter In Your Business
11:42 Episode 17: How to Put Your Social Media Content on AutoPilot
12:12 Content marketing and inbound marketing
13:26 Episode 12: How to Setup a Content Marketing Framework (To Generate Leads)
13:37 Episode 13: How to Create Content That Drives Traffic (and Leads) To Your Website
13:55 Episode 14: How to Create High Converting Lead Magnets on Your Content
14:16 Episode 19: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Business Review Sites
16:20 Importance of Customer service
17:10 Episode 1: How to Deliver Exceptional Customer Service the Tech Smart Boss Way
17:30 Episode 18: 5 Keys to Creating a Customer Service Culture in Your Business
18:02 Episode 20: How to Select a Customer Support System
18:36 Episode 22: Customer Support Tech Stack
19:25 Talked about finance
19:55 Episode 6: The SmallBiz Financial Tech Stack for a Tech Smart Boss
20:41 Episode 21: Benefits of Running a Debt Free Business
21:18 Episode 24: Benefits of Bootstrapping and Other Alternative Means of Raising Capital and Financing your Business
22:00 Being productive and efficient
22:20 Episode 4: How to do Employee Onboarding the Tech Smart Boss Way
23:05 Episode 5: Top Apps for the Traveling Tech Smart Boss
23:30 Episode 8: Tech Smart Boss Tools to Stay Productive (When You’re Not In the Office)
24:10 Episode 10: How to Set Limits on Technology (Like a Tech Smart Boss)
25:12 Episode 16: How to Deal with the Downtimes of Being an Entrepreneur
26:17 Episode 23: How a Tech Smart Boss Creates a Contingency Plan for Their Business
27:54 Used case
27:58 Episode 1: How to Deliver Exceptional Customer Service the Tech Smart Boss Way
28:08 Episode 2: Exhibiting at a Tradeshow (on a Budget)
28:30 Episode 7: How My Physical Therapy Turned Into a Technology Blue Print
31:00 What is coming up

Quotes Worth Sharing

Be a business owner that has the luxury of managing your time Click To Tweet The only time that you really wonder if you are small is when you act like a small Click To Tweet

Resources Mentioned

What is a Tech Smart Boss? 

Episode 11 What it means and what it takes to be a tech smart boss

The host, David Ferguson’s Background

Episode 3 The Back Story (How Tech Smart Boss Came To Be)

Talked a lot about Social Media

Episode 9 How to setup a Social Media Strategy for your business

Episode 15 How to use Twitter for your business

Episode 17 How to put your Social Media on Autopilot

Content Marketing/Inbound Marketing

Episode 12 How to setup a Content Marketing framework

Episode 13 How to create Content that drives traffic

Episode 14 How to create high converting lead magnets

Episode 19 The good, bad, ugly of business review sites

Customer Service

Episode 1 How to deliver exceptional Customer Support like a Tech Smart Boss

Episode 18 the 5 keys to creating a customer service culture in your business

Episode 20 How to select a customer support system (10 things you should know)

Episode 22 Customer Support Tech Stack (the 8 things you need to deliver stellar customer support)


Episode 6:  The SmallBiz financial tech stack for a tech smart boss

Episode 21: Benefits of running a debt-free business (and tips on how to get there)

Episode 24: Bootstrapping vs VC Investment (Plus 8 other ways to raise capital)

Productivity/Time Saving

Episode 4:  How to do employee onboarding the Tech Smart Boss way

Episode 5:  The top 5travellingg apps for the tech smart boss

Episode 8: Tech Smart Boss Tools to Stay Productive (When you’re not in the office)

Episode 10:  How to set limits on technology

Episode 16:  How to deal with the down times of being an entrepreneur (my 4-step process)

Episode 23: How a Tech Smart Boss Creates a Contingency Plan for their business

Just Some Ideas

Episode 2: Exhibiting at a Trade Show on a budget

Episode 7: How my Physical Therapy Turned into a Technology Blue Print



Thanks for listening and checking out the show notes,  any feedback, comments, or questions, send me an email at david@techsmartboss.com

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