Episode 24: Bootstrap vs Venture Capital (Plus 8 Other Ways To Fund Your Business)

These days it seems like investors are tossing money at new businesses like water on fire, but the opposite is really true. It’s extremely hard and time-consuming to get investment capital to start a business and most businesses aren’t even fundable. In this episode, we discuss how to determine if raising funds is right for your business or if bootstrapping it is the way to go.

Topics Discussed (Time Stamped)

00:12 Today’s episode talks about benefits of bootstrapping and other alternative means of raising capital and financing your business
03:55 Cool Tech of the week: Slack
06:08 How do you start and raise funds for your business?
11:23 How he started his business
15:33 Bootstrapping
20:20 Reasons why you want to Bootstrap
28:48 Not being a VC material
31:05 Are you prepared to have an investor?
33:48 Other alternative means of raising capital and financing your business

Quotes Worth Sharing

The idea is only 2% of the business; the other 98% is the execution Click To Tweet Big money follows big money Click To Tweet

Resources Mentioned


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