Episode 23: How a Tech Smart Boss Creates a Contingency Plan for Their Business

As an entrepreneur, we always plan for the best, but we need to be prepared for the worst.  In this episode, I go over a 5 step plan that I use to build contingency plan in the key areas of my business (including technology) and discuss how you can apply them to small and large-sized businesses.

Topics Discussed (Time Stamped)

0:42 Setting up and building contingency plans for your business
02:37 The cool tech of the week: Dropbox Paper
06:50 How to build Contingency plan for your business
10:27 Infrastructure touch points in environment that levers technology
10: Help systems
12:28 How exposed you are to the technology standpoint in your business
15:23 The Con of using the technology and its contingency
22:34 Approach to Contingency Planning
22:56 1. Prioritize the risk
28:59 2. Look at your priority list and think about how can the risk be reduced
31:34 3: Timeline and trigger points
33:16 4. Communication plan
37:18 5. Maintain the plan

Quotes Worth Sharing

Focus on your top priorities when you do your contingency plans Click To Tweet Be attentive. Be responsive. Be transparent. Click To Tweet

Resources Mentioned


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