Episode 22: Customer Support Tech Stack (The 8 Things You Need to Deliver Stellar Customer Service)

Delivering excellent Customer Service is a combination of the right people, the right process, and the right technology.  In this episode, we’re going to discuss the 8 key pieces of technology you need to empower your people and process to amaze and delight your customers.

Topics Discussed (Time Stamped)

01:00 8 Things you need to deliver stellar customer support to your customer
06:25 Cool tech of the week: privacy.com
11:19 Have website chat
14:34 Have a helpdesk system
17:11 Have a knowledge-based of shared information
20:51 Have a strong internal chat system
23:33 Have resources to share
26:31 Have screen share tools
29:08 Have a screen recording software
30:48 Have communication tools

Quotes Worth Sharing

It’s better to start early when you don’t need it and then you try to bring it later when you already growing Click To Tweet

Resources Mentioned


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