Episode 21: Benefits of Running a Debt Free Business (And Tips On How To Get There)

Why do most businesses fail? Generally, they run out of cash and in the extreme case their debt gets so large they can no longer service it, so they are forced out of business.  In this episode, I cover from my personal experience the benefits of running a debt-free business and some tips and tools on how you can get there.

Topics Discussed (Time Stamped)

00:49 Today’s episode is about running a debt-free business and tips how to get there
02:19 Cool Tech of the Week: Dialpad
04:25 The benefits of running debt-free business and why you would want to
05:40 Arguments about leveraging debts
08:50 Personal experience on financial failure
14:10 3 Principles from the bible to apply on your business
15:45 Benefits of being debt-free
27:51 Negative thing of being debt-free
29:51 Tools that can help in managing a debt-free business

Quotes Worth Sharing

Money is the number one topic in the bible Click To Tweet You need a healthy sense of risk when it comes to business and you need to take chances Click To Tweet

Resources Mentioned


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