Episode 18: 5 Keys to Creating a Customer Service Culture in Your Business (And Why You Should Do It)

Businesses that provide excellent Customer Service don’t do it with a single department or team, they have a culture dedicated to providing great support. In this episode, I walk through the 5 keys of how to create that culture of customer success in your company (and why you should do it).

Topics Discussed (Time Stamped)

2:47 Today’s episode is about customer service
4:30 It’s different from internal support team
6:40 How customer service makes or breaks a business
10:16 B2B perspective of customer service
12:40 What is Traditional support?
14:30 The customer success model and its importance
17:30 The CA story
23:08 Keypoint 1: It’s everybody’s role
26:27 Keypoint 2: It has to be driven from the top
28:59 Keypoint 3: Everyone knows their mission statement
31:30 Keypoint 4: Having a responsive culture
35:40 Keypoint 5: You got to leverage technology
37:30 Recap and Takeaways

Quotes Worth Sharing

Growing your business is not just earning money but also getting your time back Click To Tweet Customer service makes or breaks a business Click To Tweet You don't have to play the low-cost game when you're giving good customer service and support Click To Tweet

Resources Mentioned


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