Episode 16: How to Deal with the Downtimes of Being an Entrepreneur (My 4-Step Process)

Contrary to media reports, not all entrepreneurs are raising insane amounts of capital and growing by leaps and bounds. In fact, for most, the downtimes of being an entrepreneur far exceed the good times. In this episode, I cover how I’ve dealt with running a business when things are not going so well and give my 4 step model for getting through it.

Topics Discussed (Time Stamped)

00:42 Updates from me
1:49 Shoutouts from those who gave feedback
4:40 Topic for this episode
7:30 There will be some downtime
8:10 Why I chose this topic
9:11 Like a bipolar roller coaster
10:17 Being extremely efficient
11:53 But also need some downtime
12:25 You have to be tough
14:50 Why it’s hard mentally to deal with downtimes
15:16 My rock bottom story
20:14 The level of stress that caused panic attack
22:30 Thought I had a mini stroke
23:40 The impact of stress to our body
24:34 The four step process to handling downtimes
25:20 Being debt-free
26:33 Step 1: Mental Checkout Moment
29:30 Step 2: Get the facts of Money
34:24 Step 3: Model out the best and worst case scenario
39:18 Step 4: You get to work
43:20 Prayer works or step number 5
43:40 Recap and takeaways

Quotes Worth Sharing

It’s very hard mentally to deal with the downtimes Click To Tweet

Resources Mentioned


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