Episode 134: How To Get Started With Time Blocking So You Can Be A Productive Tech Smart Boss

Sadly there are only 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and not even a Tech Smart Boss can do anything about that. But guess what, that is plenty of time. The key is to work smarter, not harder, so there’s no excuse for not having time to get stuff done.

One method that I use is called Time Blocking and it can help you clear out all the distractions and get to what needs to be done, but it takes some process, some discipline, and some tech.

In this episode, I explain the concept of time blocking and how to implement it for yourself as well as your team.

Topics Discussed (Time Stamped)

02:59 What time blocking is
03:09 Why time blocking is important
04:38 What basically time blocking is
05:56 Everybody in the organization has to keep the calendar up-to-date
08:09 Segmenting time for creative time
11:51 Personal time
13:48 Scheduling in your goals and your big activities in your task list
16:40 Putting the due date
21:01 What the results are


09:02 “Anything that’s creative is hard to switch gears.”

Resources Mentioned


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One response to “Episode 134: How To Get Started With Time Blocking So You Can Be A Productive Tech Smart Boss”

  1. Awesome episode David. I’ve recently started doing time blocking and have found it really helpful. So even after adding all the tasks, do you manually edit the time blocks inside Google Calendar to fit all the tasks?

    I’ve had trouble working it nicely into my process using Ora or Clickup and had tried this tool I found called AmazingMarvin. The interface is pretty ugly, but it has this section called strategies that includes all the customizations and you can enable time blocking that syncs with Google Calendar, it actually works wonderfully. I wish some of the other task management tools handled time blocking like that one does, because the other tools have a more intuitive interface.

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