Episode 132: How I Lost Everything On My Laptop And Fully Recovered (The Tech Smart Boss Way)

I just went through the nightmare scenario we all dread, my laptop got completely wiped. Everything gone, brand new OS installed, all data gone.

But being a Tech Smart Boss, I was able to get my entire workspace back up and running, without losing anything, in less than a day (and now my laptop is working better than ever).

In this episode, I go through the various tools and processes that I used to restore and rebuild my laptop from scratch when I surprisingly lost all my data while getting a repair.

Topics Discussed (Time Stamped)

02:02 A story about what happened in my real life and how I recovered from it
02:18 Lost everything in my laptop
02:36 Why I switched to Mac
04:48 On scheduling my very first appointment for laptop repair
09:16 How everything works out perfectly
09:36 What I did which made my recovery go super smooth
10:04 Why I just moved everything to Shift
11:29 What Shift allowed me to do
14:38 On bringing my browsers
15:15 Why I don’t use bookmark in the browsers
17:12 Restoring my files
22:43 Missing some of my initial apps


08:55 “I know that as a tech smart boss, I got things covered. I got things in place.”

Resources Mentioned


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