Episode 130: How To Best Use Canned Responses In Your Sales and Support Teams

There are lots of ways to give poor customer support, and one way, to send a canned response to your lead or customer the wrong way. And yes, there is a right way.

Leveraging canned responses is a key business process that you need to implement in your business, but done incorrectly and you could be ruining your brand.

In this episode, I go over the canned responses that you should implement in your chat, help desk, and sales teams, and how to do it in a way that delights your customers, not upset them.

Topics Discussed (Time Stamped)

02:21 Talking about canned responses
08:53 Looking at the history of activity and for the patterns
10:02 How canned response is like cheat codes
11:56 Keeping these things really focus
12:40 What are the canned messages that you can do on chat side
18:51 Finding your specific FAQ
19:22 What are the canned messages that you can do on email side
22:31 Follow-up message
24:25 Why customer service is the biggest area you need to implement canned responses in your business
26:41 What the best practices from chat, email, and customer service are
27:22 Personalizing canned response
28:27 Reading it before you send it
29:36 Addressing their condition as you send out this personal response


07:20 “Training is still essential when it comes to this tools.”

22:09 “Treat people the way you want to be treated.”

Resources Mentioned


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