Episode 13: How to Create Content That Drives Traffic (and Leads) To Your Website

Writing the right type of content will create a super-highway of highly qualified traffic to your website. We go in deep on how to align content with your buyer’s lifecycle and optimized for search engine traffic in part 2 of this 3-part series on content marketing.

Topics Discussed (Time Stamped)

1:18 You don’t have to be an online business
3:30 What is a small giant?
5:43 Business owners who love what they do
8:05 Getting consistent leads
10:50 Where I learned all these content marketing
11:55 Top of the Funnel or the ‘Awareness’ Stage
12:40 Middle of the Funnel or the ‘Consideration’ Stage
13:06 Bottom of the Funnel or the ‘Decision’ Stage
14:33 Focusing on the content that you want to write
16:05 You got to be build traffic to become a thought leader
17:50 The Big Five Blocks
21:30 Why are these ‘questions’ important?
22:19 The secret sauce to writing great content
24:00 My experience applying these concepts
26:26 Cost and Price vs Sharing your Process
29:18 Just write good content
30:30 A story of someone who ripped me
37:50 What you will find out
39:00 Recap and takeaways
41:44 Every article should have a call-to-action

Quotes Worth Sharing

You got to have viewers, you got to have readers to be a thought leader Click To Tweet
Every industry has a leader Click To Tweet
Competition really does not drive your success — you drive your own success! Click To Tweet

Resources Mentioned


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