Episode 128: How To Use Content Curation As Part Of Your Social Media Strategy (The Tech Smart Boss Way)

When you’re hanging out at a social engagement, we all see the same types of people. There are those who talk about nothing but themselves. Those that make boring small talk about the weather and other topics we don’t care about. And then there’s that person that tells stories, talks about engaging stuff you’ve never heard of before, and everyone just wants to hang around him (or her).

Yes, I’m talking about the most interesting man in the world.

Your social media channels are a lot like this. What are you posting as part of your social media strategy?

I think is a pretty smart strategy of posting a little about yourself and a little about engaging topics that you curate around the interwebs, the best parts of the interwebs. But you may be thinking, who has time for that?

In this episode, I talk about why you should add curated content to your social media strategy and how to go about finding it and some tools you can use to make the process easy.

Topics Discussed (Time Stamped)

02:58 My take on social media
03:54 How to do content curation
03:59 What curation is
06:49 How to take this approach of content curation
10:53 Sources of where you can find curated content
15:04 An RSS reader
21:30 New twitter strategy
23:29 Around the Internet forums and groups
26:59 Sharing on your social media network
34:34 Content engagement
8:26 Repeating the process


05:21 “You want to get a good 25% to 33% of the content that you share to be valuable resources other than your own.”

Resources Mentioned


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