Episode 127: How To Hire A Project Manager (The Tech Smart Boss Way)

We talk a lot about project management technology (and we mention a bunch in this episode), but we never talk about perhaps the most important part of successfully managing projects, the project manager!

And over the many years of managing and hiring project managers, this is probably the area where I have made my best hires, so I feel confident in sharing my experience in what you should look for when hiring a project manager.

In this episode, I go over the soft skills and the technical skills you should look for when hiring a project manager to join your team.

Topics Discussed (Time Stamped)

02:03 How to hire a good project manager
04:58 Why it’s a skill that goes across the organisation
05:03 The true role of project managers
06:09 Looking at the combination of soft skills
06:15 On high IQ people
06:27 On high EQ people
08:46 Why written communication is equally as important in a project management role
10:33 On making sure to get that right person that have that inner personal communication skills
10:44 Why you have to be careful when hiring less experienced project managers
13:24 Time management
14:12 They need to have leadership skills
17:28 Subject matter expertise
20:02 The technical skills that you may or may not need
20:27 Resource allocation
21:58 Task management
23:45 Timeline planning
24:37 Ability to set deadlines
24:46 How we are inclined to underestimate work
25:36 Familiarity with project management tools


02:26 “Don’t hire before you have the need for it.”

16:21 “The best way to be a great leader is to show that you’re a servant.”

Resources Mentioned


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