Episode 123: How To Use Scrum and Agile Methodology For Non Tech Projects (The Tech Smart Boss Way)

We’re all about productivity and getting stuff done as a Tech Smart Boss. Finding that perfect blend of great business process and do it yourself technology to grow your business is what we’re all about.

To that extent, I’m a big believer that as a small business, you must embrace your strengths, and part of that is being more agile and nimble than your larger competition. You can move faster and in better communication and coordination with your team.

Leveraging components of Scrum and Agile Project Management methodology, which is heavily used in software development, can really ramp up the productivity for all the areas of your business.

In this episode, I talk about how to leverage agile project management in all areas of your business, including sales, marketing, operations. It’s not just for software development teams.

Topics Discussed (Time Stamped)

02:34 Breaking down what agile really means
04:27 Who introduce the term scrum
07:13 What you need to know to leverage scrum and leverage agile framework in your organization
07:40 What the Sprint is
10:06 Sprint planning
12:10 Story points
15:03 One common method is using Fibonacci Sequence
16:37 Acceptance criteria
20:45 Theory of constraints
21:15 Using a Kanban board
21:43 Selected for development
22:20 The daily stand-up
24:59 Management tools


18:30 “Process is about making it right for your business and doing what’s right for your business. It’s a best practice.”

18:36 “Best practice doesn’t mean is best for everybody, you got to take it and make it your own.”

Resources Mentioned


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