Episode 12: How to Setup a Content Marketing Framework (To Generate Leads)

The holy grail of business is a lead generation engine. In this podcast I’m going to lay out the framework on how you can setup your website to be the ultimate lead generator for your business, using content marketing.

Topics Discussed (Time Stamped)

0:42 We’re going to talk about framework for content marketing strategy
2:57 Lay down strategy and process
4:00 Back when it was so expensive to have technology
6:11 What is Content Marketing?
7:33 Setting up the framework
9:36 Having your own website and setting your own rules
10:08 Getting the free organic inbound traffic
12:30 Organic vs paid Ads
15:50 Why I recommend WordPress
17:09 Content is the most important
18:20 Content in 3 Categories (top, middle, bottom of the funnel)
18:35 What is a funnel?
23:15 Providing consistent content
25:05 What are these Lead magnets
27:09 Examples of lead magnets
29:00 What I used before
32:40 Takeaways

Quotes Worth Sharing

If you scale a bad process, you’re just making it faster for failure Click To Tweet
You have to embrace technology Click To Tweet
Always be selling Click To Tweet

Resources Mentioned


Thanks for listening and checking out the show notes,  any feedback, comments, or questions, send me a email at [email protected]

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