Episode 118: 8 Tips To Take Your Customer Support From Good To Great

We talk a lot about providing excellent customer support on the Tech Smart Boss podcast. It’s something that should just be the standard for business, but unfortunately, for most organizations, they fall short.

In this episode, I go over 8 things that you should be doing from a technology and process perspective to deliver great customer support.

Topics Discussed (Time Stamped)

04:23 Why customer experience is important
06:29 Why customer support representatives really have to know the product or service
09:31 You got to be highly responsive
11:02 On having a central email
13:50 You have to personalize your service
17:17 Your customer service has to be customer oriented
20:24 Providing self-service options
23:58 Listening to your customer
26:13 Why active listening skills is extremely important
26:24 Proactive
28:57 Following through
34:37 You got to do what you say you got to do

Quotes Worth Sharing

03:14 “Support is support and good customer service is good customer service.”

24:51 “Just be a good listener is a skill that your customer support team needs to have in order to deliver great customer support.”

Resources Mentioned


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