Episode 116: How To Write A Case Study For Your Business (When Your Customer Won’t Go On The Record)

Case studies are excellent mid and bottom of the funnel evergreen content. Your potential customers may be ready to buy your product or service, they just need a little extra justification to pull the trigger. Seeing a case study that resonates with them can close the deal.

But depending on your industry, it may be difficult to get customers to agree to do case studies. Especially if you are small and your customers are large.

But never fear, a Tech Smart Boss always has a way to get the job done.

In this episode, we cover what makes a good case study and if needed, how to take a slightly different approach and turn it into a use case so you can still achieve the goal of closing the deal.

Topics Discussed (Time Stamped)

04:22 What makes a great case study
04:30 On doing a combination of case study and use cases
06:47 Ways you can get around the case study issue
07:48 On telling a story
10:35 Making the customer a hero and the focus of the story
12:24 Bringing the reader into it
13:56 All the case studies should have a call to action
14:22 On getting specific quotes from customers
15:53 Getting specific numbers
17:12 Thinking about SEO
21:52 Evergreen content

Resources Mentioned


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