Episode 115: How To Outsource Your Content Writing (And Avoid The Pitfalls)

We always talk about content marketing on the podcast and how it’s typically going to be the best ROI for any bootstrapped business in terms of getting qualified leads.

However, content marketing takes time, and to do it correctly takes even more time. And time is not something that a Tech Smart Boss has a lot of.

So unless you just love to write, you generally have to have someone else write your content. Unless you’ve reached the stage where you can hire a content team, that typically means outsourcing it.

But outsourcing anything has a lot of pitfalls, and outsourcing something as important as your content, has even more than normal. But if done properly, you can successfully navigate all the pitfalls and build a very successful content marketing strategy.

In this episode, I discuss what some of those pitfalls are and how to avoid them. Plus I discuss a few options that I am currently using in my business.

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Topics Discussed (Time Stamped)

01:54 Special promotion from Beamer
02:11 Who Beamer is and what it is that they do
04:21 Content communication plan
05:10 How to create content, outsource content creation, and avoid pitfalls
06:32 How to do this aspect right
06:37 Quick recap on content marketing and why it’s important for small businesses
09:10 Why a constant flow of content is crucial
12:25 Why Upwork and Fiverr are not ideal places to look for content writers
15:26 Issue when you try to outsource and bring somebody in
15:31 Hiring mistakes
18:25 His process and how to avoid the pitfalls of content writing
22:39 Hiring the person that’s going to fit in your organization
22:56 Why you don’t want to go super cheap
23:43 On expecting your writer to do too much
24:00 Focusing on results

Quotes Worth Sharing

23:43 “You need to be the in-charge on your content. Don’t outsource the thought process of your content.”

Resources Mentioned


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