Episode 104: 7 Tips To Be Your Best As A Remote Worker (The Tech Smart Boss Way)

Everyone these days seem to want, even demand, a work from home position. And I’ve talked in the past about my company, as well as many others, are 100% remote work companies.

There are pros and cons to remote work, and I cover some of those in this episode, but if you are working remotely the majority of your time, there are some things you can do to do it successfully.

In this episode, I cover 7 tips or best practices to be and stay productive as a remote worker. These are all things that I have learned over the years by both managing remote workers and being one myself.

Topics Discussed (Time Stamped)

01:40 On being a big proponent of remote work space and remote work environment
03:32 What you can do to make working from home successful
04:10 Why as a business you want to encourage working from home
04:26 His first business
07:02 Why everybody wants to work from home
08:21 On having seasoned and skilled people who are independent and can work in a remote environment
08:37 Why having a home based office is a good thing these days
08:59 Best practices that can make working remotely work
09:13 Having a dedicated place for work
12:20 On having a plan
14:54 Stay in constant communication with your team
16:39 Try to meet and get together as often as possible
17:28 Know how to use technology properly
17:55 Turning off the notifications on your computer when sharing your screen
20:07 On having a routine
22:06 On doing something different
23:38 Turning everything off

Quotes Worth Sharing

21:44 “You have to have a routine to be productive when you work remotely.”

23:17 “Sometimes you just need to take a day off.”

25:25 “You just got to disconnect from work at some point or you will burn out.”

Resources Mentioned


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