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Being a Tech Smart Boss means always looking to learn something new.  That generally involves reading a lot, but who has time to read all the time?

That’s where Pocket comes in.  When I see something that looks interesting and I want to check it out later, I can add it to Pocket and tag it.  But that doesn’t sound very cool, there’s this thing created back in the 90s called bookmarks, right?

What is cool about Pocket is all the integrations.  When I “pocket” something, I can reference it in this newsletter for example, via GetRevue.  I can access it in social media posting products like ContentStudio.  I can run an automation on it with Zapier.  It’s just a well designed and pervasive piece of tech that you can use on your mobile, on your browser, and integrated with your other reading and social media tools.

Check it out and start gathering your ideas in one place.  Then when you find yourself stuck before a meeting, pull out Pocket and learn something new.

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