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Voice is taking over in the world of content, and not just video or podcasts, but voice search and even voice reading of blog posts and other content. This week’s Cool Tech of the Week is a company helping to convert all types of text into reasonably pleasant listening, it’s
I’ve been using it for a few weeks on a blog site of mine and I actually used it to record the voicemail for a new phone system as well. It’s pretty easy and powerful, but where I think it really shines is as a part of WordPress where at the click of a button it can automatically convert your posts into a branded audio player.
But it doesn’t stop there, it provides analytics, a hosted page for your audio, and they have been constantly improving the power of their text to voice capabilities.
Check it out, they have some affordable pricing plans for a small site and it scales nicely if you need more., our Cool Tech of the Week.
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