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We did a YouTube video on PixelMe back in February of this year, but this week, we want to call it out as our Cool Tech of the Week.

PixelMe made the news this week for getting a $1.3 million round of funding and in the spirit of transparency, they shared both their journey in raising funds and also their vision for the software on their blog.

PixelMe provides a few key features for a Tech Smart (Marketer) Boss. They provide an easy to use, but powerful link shortener, with custom domain support, which helps to brand your content on social media and around the web.

And they also allow you to add a retargeting pixel so that anyone who clicks on the link, can be targeted on Facebook, Google, Quora, LinkedIN, and other advertisers.

We recommend that every marketer has a tool like PixelMe in their toolkit and with the new funding and proven record, PixelMe is one to check out.

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