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You ever been hesitant to subscribe to something because you didn’t want to get flooded with email? You may want the content, but not every day, maybe summarized on a weekly or monthly basis? That is what this week’s Cool Tech of the Week does, Paced Email.

Paced Email is a new tool, but they have been developing a lot of great features quickly. This week they rolled out one of the most popular requests, custom domains. So now instead of looking a little suspicious when you sign up at a website, you can have it naturally blend with your company domain (or your snooping spy domain, come on, every Tech Smart Boss has one of those, er… or more).

Check out Paced Email, it’s affordable, it’s a simple tool, and something that can free up your mailbox and help organize your time. This week’s Cool Tech of the Week, Paced Email.

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