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Going slightly out of the box again this week with the Cool Tech of the Week (see last week for my first out of the box recommendation).

This week I’m picking Overcast, the podcast player. Yes, I know, there are lots of podcast players out there, and I’ve used Stitcher and TuneIN, and Apple, and Castro, and many others, but Overcast just does it right. It fits and has all the little cool features that make podcast listening easy.

And why are podcasts important? Well beyond subscribing to the Tech Smart Boss podcast, it’s a great way to learn and expand your business, tech, and marketing knowledge, and also just to chill out and relax when needed (for me, it’s better than reading a book).

Now, I did just see it only works on Apple devices, but sorry Android users, sometimes you just need to join the hip crowd (send hate mail to ?

Check out our Cool Tech of the Week, Overcast.

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