Old-School Marketing Techniques That Can Still Work

Marketing techniques have changed over the years. Everyone wants to use the latest and greatest methods to attract new customers. Still, there’s something to be said for the old-school, tried-and-true marketing techniques. Just because they’re not new marketing methods doesn’t necessarily mean they’re less effective, after all. 

Promotional Products

Has anyone ever told you you must spend money to earn money? There’s truth to the statement. Given the increased prices of many goods and inflation’s impact on the average budget these days, it makes sense that consumers are less interested in spending money on products they aren’t sure will deliver the results they need. 

You can circumvent that by using promotional products to attract new business. Offer free samples that are clearly labeled with your brand so consumers can try your products risk-free. As long as the quality is there, you should be able to convert at least a few into paying customers.

Email Marketing

There aren’t many ways to reach out to a ton of people with minimal effort the way you can with email marketing. Email marketing is a great way to encourage repeat business, especially if you’re offering deals or promoting sales events. 

The text for the emails should be concise, yet engaging. Take your email marketing to the next level by building in ways for customers to interact with your email. By gamifying your emails, you can get more customers to act. You can do this by adding a link that redirects customers to a spinner wheel game or a sticker scratch game. Make things interesting by offering a variety of prizes to the pool.

Direct Mailers

Emails are great, but they easily get buried in a busy inbox or accidentally deleted and then forgotten about. Because of the physical nature of direct mailers, it’s a little harder for them to get lost or misplaced. They are a great way to put coupons in the hands of consumers, encouraging them to take advantage of a great deal while it lasts. Make sure your direct mailer includes all the essential information. Make the design eye-grabbing without making it an eyesore.

There’s something to the saying, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. While there’s nothing wrong with utilizing newer marketing techniques, there’s also nothing wrong with using more old-school methods. They can still work just as effectively, provided they’re executed properly. As long as you have quality and a good strategy, there’s little reason why you shouldn’t get good results.

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