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I gave some ❤ to G-Suite in Issue 49 and this week we’re going to spread the love to Office 365.

Now as with all Microsoft products, they make it way too confusing with all their home, personal, business, and multiple tiers in each.  But let’s keep it simple.  Even though I run my business on G-Suite, I still use MS Office tools every day, and the Office 365 Business makes that easy to afford for home and work.

If you’re an Outlook and MS Exchange type of person, Office 365 Premium and above give you a close equivalent to G-Suite (some would say better, I wouldn’t).

Ultimately, we recommend you run either G-Suite or Office 365 as the hub of your business communication and collaboration, and even though I’m on G-Suite, I still prefer the good ole MS Office tools than the Google Docs, Sheets, etc.   If you haven’t, try to check out the Office 365 offerings.

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