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If you’re anything like me, you own a lot of web domains, many not in use, but for future ideas. In fact, I think many Tech Smart Bosses are domain collectors.

I’ve got 76 internet domains at the moment and the reason I know that number for the first time, it’s thanks to this week’s Cool Tech of the Week, Momento.

First, you don’t need a lot of domains to get value from Momento, definitely not 76 like me (although I know some entrepreneurs with 1000s). Momento hooks up to the API of many popular domain registrars and pulls all your domain information in a single place. Plus, they let you do DNS updates, see upcoming renews, and it even has a place where you can place a “watch” on domains you may want to purchase in case they free up.

If you have all your domains in 1 place, it may not be that useful, but in my case, I have multiple Cloudflare accounts and a Porkbun account.

It’s a neat tool and if you manage multiple customer’s domains it’s very useful and of course, if you collect domains for all the current and future ideas you have, it’s worth taking a look at.

Our Cool Tech of the Week, Momento.

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