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Missinglettr announced their v3 on Product Hunt this week so I thought it was a great time to name them our Cool Tech of the Week.

I’ve known about Missinglettr for over a year now and have seem them continue to improve. I mentioned them waaay back on Episode 27 of the podcast and Episode 70. They give you an easy way to stand out from the crowd in social media.

Hook up the RSS feed of your blog (or any website) and Missinglettr will bring your content in and let you schedule up to a year’s worth of unique and stylish social media content. It’s like an evergreen scheduler but instead of reposting the same ole thing over and over, it’s gives each post a fresh look.

Take a look and we think you’ll be impressed as well and if you move fast, you may be able to take advantage of that 50% discount they are offering Product Hunters.

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