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Every day you hear about a new privacy law being passed that totally changes everything we do in business related to customer engagement and marketing. GDPR, CCPA, and who knows what next is coming.

As a Tech Smart Boss I had been looking for something easy, affordable, but also attractive to help with Cookie management on my sites, and this week’s Cool Tech of the Week is something I just found, Metomic.

I had tried a few other SaaS tools and even WordPress plug-ins, and they worked, and in some cases they didn’t cost a lot, but none of them really worked for me. I gave Metomic a try and it seems to flow really well and does a nice job.

I’ve been running it a week and so far I see about 16% Opt-Out on the non-essential scripts, so interesting to see that some users do appreciate these types of things.

Metomic has a free version that works great and the only value you get from their paid option is the removal of branded and high traffic websites. Check it out, our Cool Tech of the Week, Metomic.

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