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We’ve talked a lot about email deliverability on our podcast and videos. This week’s Cool Tech of the Week is a great free tool that makes it easy to confirm if you have things set up optimally, it’s Mailook.

All you do is create an account, copy a email address and send a email to it. Mailook takes it from there to check out your domain and IP against blacklists, confirm your SPF, DKIM, and DMARC records, and even check out the content of your email if you like. It’s super simple and free.

Now they seem to have a little section with some add-ons related to some partnerships, some of those are free and some are paid/discounted. So I think the hook is, they are hoping you opt in for some of the add-ons.

Check it out, there’s no reason to check all your current sending domains against Mailook to double check your technical emails factors are configured the way they should to ensure your email reaches your intended users mailbox and not their spam folder.

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