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This week’s Cool Tech of the Week is not something we would typically share or talk about. But it’s 2020 and everyone needs a little positivity these days, entreprenuers are no exception.

The Cool Tech of the Week is this crazy little app I found on BetaList this week, Love Alert.

It’s the opposite of anything that I would normally use. It is basically just an app on your phone that pops notifications to you. I never turn on notifications for any app. It’s the kind of app that I would normally be suspcious of trying to steal my data or something. Yet, I installed it.

We all could use a little positive alerts these days, so I for one appreciate something giving me a positive affirmation once a day when I glance at my phone to see whatever crap email or crap news may be popping up.

I’ll get back to some business apps next week, for this week, do something different. Give Love Alert a try. ????

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